Suarez Electric Company

               Our Company Installs, Maintains, and Services Electrical & Communication Systems
       Estimates for your project can be obtained by contacting:
       David M. Suarez -President or Our Office by e-mail or toll free call.

               We take pride in our part toward creating tomorrow's communities. Suarez Electric has
       all the necessary licensing, insurance, tools and experience for projects ranging from
       $500.00 service calls to $5 million Commercial Contracts.

  •        Commercial Buildings
  •        Factories & Industry
  •        Schools
  •        Hospitals
  •        Churches
  •        Telecommunications
  •        Emergency / Exits
  •        Multi-unit Housing
  •        S.F. Homes
  •        Conveyors
  •        Temperature Control
  •        Heavy Power and Communicaton Line Installations
  •        Sub-Station Work and Underground Work
  •        Railroad Signal and Third Rail Work
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